Payment of deposits/fees are taken as acceptance of the following:

Refund Policy

All deposits and course fee's are un-refundable and non-transferable. Course fees and deposits are only refundable if the course is cancelled. If a student decides to drop out of a course or misses classes this does not warrant a refund or partial refund. Payment of deposit or fee's is taken as acceptance of this policy.

Cancellation of Classes

 If classes have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances eg sickness every effort will be made to reschedule the classes to make up the time. If classes are cancelled due to advice by Met Eireann and/or the government for adverse weather conditions it may not be able to reschedule classes. Refunds cannot be claimed under these circumstances. 

Personal Belongings

Any personal items/clothing etc brought into class is at that student's own personal risk. Students please check you have everything before leaving the premises as there may not be a lost and found on the premises. 


Conor reserves the right to expel a student from a class if their behaviour is unacceptable or disruptive. 


Exams are administered by separate exam boards. Students are responsible for paying and booking their own exams. Conor Armstrong Sanfey will notify students of deadlines in plenty of advance. Please note Conor has no control over dates, times or locations of exams.

Legal Status

Conor operates as a soletrader, and is fully registered for tax in the Republic of Ireland. 

Conor Armstrong Sanfey's 

Child Safe Guarding Statement:

For Conor Armstrong Sanfey the safety and well being of his students is of paramount importance. Conor has put the following measures in place to insure a safe and happy environment for all students attending his courses.


Students will be supervised at all times during class times. Parents/Guardians are required to collect and drop off students on time, as it is not possible to provide supervision outside of class times. 


Conor Armstrong Sanfey is fully insured. 


All courses take place in a safe and secure venue.

Reports/concerns of Abuse/Neglect

Any reports/concern of emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect of any student will be reported to Tusla Child and Family Agency for review and possible investigation.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Conor Armstrong Sanfey does not condone any form or bullying in any form (verbal or physical) and has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Any form of bullying (once off occasion/continuous) will not be tolerated, and will be addressed in a fair and impartial way. 

On first offence; the student will be taken aside in private and warned and advised that it is unacceptable behaviour. 

On second offence; the student's parents/guardians will be contacted. 

On third offence; the student will be asked to leave the class.

Any guest tutors working under Conor will report any form of bullying to Conor who will address the issue. 


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