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This course is designed for adults with plenty of performing experience. Students have the option of studying for a teaching qualification in speech and drama or an acting diploma. For all students the course includes workshops and masterclasses in: theatre production and stage technique, acting to camera and film production, the meisner technique, the chekhov method, improvisation, mime and movement and (availability pending) an auditioning workshop with a leading casting director. At the end of the course students take their ATCL/ALCM Acting Diploma in Speech And Drama or their ALCM TD in the teaching of Speech and Drama. All students take part in a showcase performance in a city theatre.

Class Schedule (subject to change) : 

6.30pm - 7.30pm - Exam class. In this class students for their practical exams. These exams are administered by Trinity College London or London College of Music and Drama and are taken in Ireland. The exams require students to present a professional programme of monologues, poetry and narrative verse in addition to a presentation on an aspect of performing, improvisation and sight reading.

Teaching candidates are also required to prepare a demonstration lesson and a short thesis on an aspect of teaching speech and drama.  

Teaching candidates are also required to teach a variety of age groups and levels periodically throughout the academic year. These classes will be provided although student teachers are advised to get outside experience also wherever possible. 

7.30pm - 9.00pm - Each class begins with vocal and physical warm ups covering breathing capacity and control, resonance, relaxation, stretching and more to train the voice and the body for performance. In this class students learn a selection of carefully chosen acting methods and techniques including improvisation and stage craft, chekhov, mime and movement and acting to camera. In terms one/two film showreel material for each class member will be filmed, and in term three students will prepare for a showcase in a city theatre. A workshop with Louise Kiely Casting is included (pending availability). 

9.00pm - 10.00pm - Play preparation. This is an optional extra. In this class students rehearse a full scale theatre production for performance in a city venue. This will at times include scriptwriting and devising original plays for performance. 

Please note the above schedule is subject to change and some evenings may start or end slightly earlier/later to facilitate rehearsal time and workshops.

The syllabus for the teaching diploma with London College Of Music can be found here: https://lcme.uwl.ac.uk/media/1480/drama-and-communication-diplomas-syllabus-2018.pdf

The syllabus for the acting diploma in speech and drama with Trinity College London can be found here: https://www.trinitycollege.com/qualifications/drama/diploma-exams