Adult Courses

We have two adult courses on offer:

Adult Performance Course

Our Adult Performance Course focuses on fun and creativity. It is a mixed-level class. The course includes speech, drama, poetry, shakespeare, improvisation, directing and performance.The emphasis on this course is fun and students are encouraged to expand their horizons and to develop their creative skills in a fun and rewarding way. Their are masterclasses with guest tutors in mime and movement and auditioning techniques. The course builds to an end of year performance in a city theatre.

Adult Diploma Course

Advanced Adult Course - Adult Diploma Course (Qualification Course)

This course is designed for adults with a good bit of experience. The course includes: theatre production, speech and drama, mime, acting to camera and the meisner technique at advanced level. The course builds to an end of year performance and also an examination of a Trinity College London Diploma in Acting. 

Limited spaces so get in touch today.

Rough class breakdown: First 30 minutes - Warm up's - breathing, articulation, movement, relaxation exercises. Drama follows for an hour where the class will prepare for performances, and work on stagecraft. Final hour will be dedicated to examination preparation both theory and practical. 

Other workshops throughout the year will be given in acting to camera, mime and more.

End of year showcase in a city-central theatre.

For full exam requirements see website below: